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Meet The Team

Leslie Kempkes

Leslie Kempkes

Sales Manager

Embark on a new journey with my sisters? Buy a sign shop? Why Not! Let’s do it!!

My love of Sonoma County…There’s no place like home. Waking up to the sound of fire being blasted into the big, beautiful balloon over head wakes me up every time, and I have to jump out of bed and see which one it is today.

Hearing the planes come into the air space overhead, I can’t wait for them to get closer to see which one it is as it descend over head for landing right over my house. Driving to work, the grocery store or to a friend’s house with all the beautiful vineyards around. Wine country….yes please…I’ll have a Chardonnay!

With my retail and hospitality background, my customer service is 5 star. I am a great listener and hard worker. Owning my own business is very exciting. I have lived in Sonoma County my whole life and look forward to meeting my community in a different way. Through signs! Signs say so much and I look forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones.

Come sit with me and lets make something together!!

Nancy Vella

Nancy Vella

Director of Operations

A friend posted a saying that sums up my new adventure -- "Let people think what they want, who cares. Start a new career at 40. Sky dive at 60. Learn to roller skate at 80. Start a whole new life at 70. Stop saying you can’t. You can and you should." I’ve been an active hairstylist and salon owner for over 35 years. Dedicating my life to customer service, being a good listener, hearing what they want and delivering are my passion. In 2015, I started renting our homes in Belize and our local lake house out on Vrbo and Airbnb. We now have a very successful vacation rental site that serves people from all over the world. Seeing the growth soar has proven my tenacity. Some have said “Why buy a sign company now?” At the age of 57, my answer is “Why not!” Purchasing Image360 Santa Rosa is a new and exciting adventure for myself, my wife and sister. The combination of experience between us, will a bring fresh, new perspective to Image360 Santa Rosa's existing and new clientele. Customers come first, we will partner with your team to bring fresh new ideas for your visual communications. Our focus is to make each customer feel their needs are being met. Our key to continued success is a 5-Star customer experience and delivery on-time. I'm committed to your visual communication needs. I look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations. At Image360 Santa Rosa, we pride ourselves that we have a 360-degree visual view of your business and partnering with your team from imagination to installation.
Rose Vella

Rose Vella

Production Manager

I am a native Sonoma County resident growing up in Petaluma and currently residing in Santa Rosa, CA. I have two passions that I love and they make me happy. The first is old vintage and classic cars. I was introduced to classic cars at a very young age of (5). My brothers worked on cars and I was curious and always asked questions about what they were doing and why they are taking that apart? We lived in front of a highway. In the afternoons, me and my brother would sit on our fence and play a game. Name everything you can about the car coming before it passes us. My young years molded me into the classic car enthusiast I am today! I’ve owned my 1955 Chevy for 42 years and it is still in beautiful shape! The newest addition is a 1932 Ford in fabulous condition! My philosophy is do what makes your heart happy with four wheels and a dream, there’s no limit to where you can go! My second passion is photography. I love to grab the moment in a prospective that is different then the average point and shoot! By attending car shows for 30+ years, I’ve grown to utilize a portion of a car in a photo instead of the entire car. Low to the ground looking up at a bumper or headlight. I believe this creativity will inspire and enhance the opportunity in my new roll as production Manager at Image360 Santa Rosa! My past job experience I have worked at Fireman’s Fund for 21 years in the print shop working with IBM3800 printers and IBM 3600 real to real tape library. For a quick couple of years I was a real estate agent working with clients and most recently I was a commercial city bus driver for the past 10+ years. I have a unique background with tons of experience to enhance this new adventure of owning Image360 with my wife and sister in law! With our combined experience and knowledge we will deliver our products to you on time and to your specifications. We are excited to own and operate a local business to enhance your business!

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